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Family Protection

Providing protection cover in the various forms of life, critical illness and disability solutions is a major part of our business.
Different life stages present new challenges to your finances:
Whether you’ve begun your career, paying your mortgage, or you’re safeguarding your estate, we review your financial situation and explore new possibilities to make sure your family is fully protected if the worst should happen.
With your needs and future goals in mind, we can provide practical solutions to combat whatever life throws at you:
• To provide an income in the event of you being unable to work due to illness, accident, or unemployment
• To repay your mortgage in the event of you dying or being diagnosed with a specified critical illness
• To provide a lump sum or income for your dependants in the event of you dying or being diagnosed with a specified critical illness to prevent any hardship during very difficult times
We have no restrictions to any products or bias towards any provider to ensure we obtain the correct solution for you and your family
Mortgage Protection Insurance, Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance, Decreasing Life Cover, Mortgage Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and Income Protection Insurance, Private Medical Insurance.

Business protection:

If you’re running a business, your employees may be depending on the security and prosperity of the company’s operations. At the same time, you may have invested considerable wealth despite innumerable risks to establish your business and help it grow. For these reasons, among many others, it is crucial to implement safeguards to keep your business open if the worst should happen.
We offer easy-to-execute strategies with the goal of minimising financial losses following the loss of a key employee, shareholder, business partner through illness or death.
• Keyperson Cover
• Shareholder Protection
• Relevant Life Cover

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