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Have I got enough money to stop working?
Not so long ago planning to stop work was easy. You worked until state pension age then stopped work and relied on your savings or company pension plan.
In fact it required very little planning at all it just happened.
But over the yeas that has all changed.
Company pensions are very different, state pension age is rising, you can take your pension benefits is many ways, and in fact there in no such thing as a retirement age” – you choose.
That all sounds great but of course now needs better planning:
Can I retire early?
What does this pension provide?
Will my income keep pace with inflation?
Can I leave money for family?
Can I consolidate all my pensions into one?
How do I cope with all the options?
Our “stopping work planning” helps guide you through tall that.
We will paint a simple picture of your future.
We will show you how much you can safely draw as income.
Our service will help you plan, monitor, and enjoy the next stage of your life.
Our aim is to give you confidence in your financial future

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