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Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance tax receipts in the United Kingdom amounted to approximately 5.32 billion pounds in 2020/21, compared with the record 5.36 billion pounds in the previous financial year.
Budget 2021 – The covid crisis has resulted in the Chancellor freezing the IHT threshold for a further five years to help raise additional funds, estimated at £985m.
With house prices rising, estates getting larger, pension allowances freezing – Inheritance tax will reach more and more households over the coming years.
The Nil Rate Band increased to £325,000 for each individual in April 2009 and has not changed in the last 17 years
The resident Nil Rate Band (£175,000) was introduced in 2017 to help with property increases over the years.
Plan Now, Not Later

Below is a list of our solutions that we have used with our clients and their solicitors to help mitigate IHT.

• Properly drafted Wills What inheritance tax (IHT) is and why you need to plan for it
• Lifetime Gifts
• Taking advantage of the transferable nil-rate band between spouses and civil partners
• How the residence nil-rate-band could boost your tax-free allowance to £500,000 (2021/22)
• Ways to reduce your tax bill including setting up a will or a trust, so the right people benefit
• Loan Trusts and Discounted Gift Trusts
• Using your pension as an effective inheritance tax planning tool
• Specialised Legal Advice
• Inheritance tax planning in action

The Financial Conduct Authority do not necessarily regulate all forms of IHT planning.

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